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Profile 8 Vinny  Stefanelli Director (814) 873-4500

Peace Through Music

2501 West 12th Street   Suite 290
Erie, PA     16505 

Phone:   814-873-4500
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OUR MISSION: Improve the quality of life for Military Personnel, Veterans and their families by providing an environment of Creativity and Camaraderie that facilitates Healing & Peace ​through playing a Musical Instrument.
JOIN US at one of our weekly group music sessions... go to: for schedule information
GROUP MUSSIC SESSIONS are available to all Veterans and Military Personnel. Don't play music? We’ll teach you! Don't have an instrument? We’ll provide one ​FREE-OF-CHARGE!
DO YOU WANT TO HELP? You can by donating a Musical Instrument! Do you have a musical instrument that's been setting in the closet for the past several years? Put it to good use! Donate it to Music for Veterans. It will be well appreciated.
Follow us: - or - Twitter: @Music4Veterans
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