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Profile 2 Timothy  Prawdzik CEO / President (614) 206-5524

TechnoBiz, LLC
Taming Technology for Today and Tomorrow!!!

PO Box 8411  
Erie, PA     16505 

Phone:   (814) 806-3445
Fax:     Send Email!


TechnoBiz, a leading technology consulting firm, with offices in Pennsylvania and Ohio. With over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured that once we are working on the problem—the problem will go away!
From setting up office networks and workstation support to server setup and maintenance, we solve any and all technology related issues. When it comes to business support we have you covered!
This is a brief list of the items we can help with—and if you don’t see your need on the list—give us a call anyway.
  • Live local technician support
  • Exchange / SQL / Network server support
  • Workstation support
  • Website Application Solutions
  • Custom Programs and Phone/Tablet Apps
  • Mobile device support (Apple, Android, ect)
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • . . . And Lots More

654321 14 Tprawdzik