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Profile 6 Sean  O'Neill Mental Health Supervisor 814-434-2298

Building independence, One empowered consumer at a time.

1601 Sassafras Street  
Erie, PA     16502 

Phone:   814-528-0600
Fax:     814-528-0601


Expert Community Care Management (ECCM) is your personal guide into and through the Human Services community. Since 2006, our nonprofit organization has served as the entry point to the available systems of care, leading our clients down personalized treatment paths toward a more promising tomorrow. Expert Community Care Management is what we do.
Based on your or a loved one’s unique condition and needs, our ECCM care coordination experts work to qualify you for the programs best suited to maximize your potential. Our goal is to Build Independence, One Empowered Consumer at a Time.
ECCM provides referral to and care management for Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Early Intervention, and Health Choices.

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