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Profile 57 Maggie  Schibik Education / Patient Advocate (724) 977-3164

Script-Ease Rx
Your meds easy as 1, 2, 3


Phone:   (724) 977-3164


We provide solutions to seniors or anyone who takes multiple medications daily through our 3-step medication compliance program.
Our color-coded medication packs are coordinated by time of day and come right to the door each month, at no extra cost.
We also have an electronic prompting device available, called Reminder Rosie, that can hold up to 25 reminders for things such as medication times, doctors appointments, etc.
Our pharmacy calls to check in before refilling each month to check in on any changes to ensure that we are keeping everything up to date.
We are preferred with most insurances and schedule an in-home visit to coordinate everything needed to get that patient started as soon as possible.
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