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Profile 5 Dawn  Edwards Regional Housing Coordinator 412-517-2747

Self-Determination Housing of PA, Inc.


Phone:   610-873-9395 x 109


SDHP is a state-wide organization with more than 24 years’ experience leading an array of accessible housing initiatives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Since our formation in 1994, we have continuously been motivated by our mission to promote self-determination in housing for low-income individuals with disabilities and older adults. We promote self-determination and control in the field of accessible housing by providing outreach to social service organizations, conducting fair housing education and trainings across multiple counties, performing home modifications on behalf of low-income individuals with disabilities, and providing educational programing to all consumers with disabilities with the knowledge to become more informed home owners and renters.  We have successfully affected public policy in the housing sector through sustained system advocacy for close to two decades. Through our Regional Housing Coordinator and our Fair Housing Education initiatives we have proactively been connecting state and county government services, social service providers, housing providers, financial and lending institutions, and providing them with technical assistance and trainings to generate real-time awareness regarding the housing needs of low-income individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth.  SDHP operates across the state through three different regions. Region 1 covers the south east part of the state, Region 2 covers the central and north eastern parts of the state, and Region 3 covers the western part of the state
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